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Why Choose Us?

WeedHub is a licensed San Francisco Cannabis Delivery Service. We deliver Medical and Recreational approved marijuana throughout the SF Bay Area. We offer the most incredible and competitive prices on the market. Our large and constantly revolving menu hosts your favorite premium name-brand products. We also showcase many smaller craft cannabis companies that you will want to know. Our goal is to offer safe (tested and free of ALL harmful chemicals and pesticides) products and friendly service. Couple all that with really fast delivery times and ridiculously LOW WEED PRICES and you have WeedHub. 


Have questions? WeedHub promptly responds to any questions you may have at any time. Have a problem with your order? You can count on us to make it right ASAP. Reach us by Phone, Text, or Email


WeedHub is fully licensed and thrives to carry the most exceptional cannabis products. Furthermore, all of our marijuana products have PASSED LAB TESTING to ensure we deliver a SAFE and CLEAN experience to our customers every time.


At WeedHub, our customers always and most certainly come first. We strive to excel at making our customers happy. WeedHub understands your time is extremley valuable. We respect that. For this reason, we do our best to deliver your goodies at lighting speeds to the destination you desire.

Make WeedHub Your Dispensary of Choice

While WeedHub is not a brick & mortar dispensary, we are a licensed cannabis delivery service that can fulfill both medicinal and recreational orders for our clients. 

Our extensive inventory of top-tier indica, sativa, and hybrid strains makes us an ideal provider for both medicinal and recreational users who require high-grade products that cater to their unique symptoms and reasons for smoking.

While we do not have a physical storefront where customers can come and make their purchases in-person, we do welcome our customers to contact us, and we work closely with our clients to ensure they are receiving the best cannabis selections for their individual needs. Our team of knowledgeable cannabis specialists have the experience and the education required to answer any questions you might have.

We feel that our innovative approach to operating a marijuana dispensary offers our customers a more flexible and accommodating way to order their cannabis products— and with a flat delivery fee of just $5.00 per order, it’s also cost-effective!

The WeedHub Difference

True aficionados know that there is nothing better than having a marijuana dispensary you know and trust. It can best be compared to the pleasurable experience of waltzing into your favorite coffee shop and being greeted by a barista who recognizes you and is familiar with your usual order.

A dispensary is so much more than just a place to buy your weed. It’s run by trained professionals who understand the intricacies of different pot strains, and who can recommend the best cannabis products for you and your unique needs. Not only that, but a licensed dispensary is monitored by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, which provides marijuana smokers with added peace of mind. Unlike when weed is purchased on the street, a licensed dispensary can only sell products that have been thoroughly tested for purity, potency, and the presence of any harmful toxins or pesticides. Thus, if you smoke pot, or are interested in doing so, it’s always advisable to find a reputable marijuana dispensary near you. The trained professionals who work with the dispensary can educate you on the wide range of cannabis products that are available on the market today. From topical oils and creams for soothing muscle aches, to CBD tablets for those who prefer not to inhale smoke, to edibles that provide a longer body high — there really is a solution for almost any circumstance. But always choose your dispensary carefully. Don’t simply opt for a dispensary near you. There is so much more to consider! Browse through online reviews and see what other smokers have to say, speak with employees and gauge their expertise, and ask about the services and products they offer. Each cannabis user has their own distinct set of needs, and by discussing what you’re looking for, you increase the likelihood of finding a dispensary that can provide you with a customized solution that works. 

Lastly, choosing a credible dispensary in San Francisco (or East Bay) means that should anything go wrong with your order, you’re purchase is protected. Licensed dispensaries are able to refund you or replace your order in the event that a seal is broken, or you’ve received an incorrect amount or strain. This is arguably the greatest benefit of finding a certified recreational dispensary near you, since it’s highly unlikely you’ll receive a refund from someone who is selling pot illegally. This is particularly important for those who rely on their cannabis products to function in a healthy, comfortable manner throughout the day. In these situations, having a guarantee that you can still get the product you need, even if something goes wrong with your order, is a precious advantage — and an excellent reason to find a SF cannabis dispensary you can trust. 

Additional Savings

As a passionate and professional cannabis distribution company, we know that our valued customers appreciate opportunities to save when buying our products. And we are dedicated to outperforming our competition in this area. Thus, we offer multiple discount programs that our customers can benefit from. These discount opportunities include:  Save up to 50% Off on Next Day Pre-Orders – Refer a friend and get $30 If you are looking for the most reasonably priced, high-grade cannabis products available in the Oakland and San Francisco areas, WeedHub is the ideal dispensary for you. We are extremely fortunate to have a community of supporters who trust us as their go-to SF cannabis dispensary.

From our 4.9/5 Star Google Rating, to our collection of favorable Yelp reviews, we know that there is no greater proof of a company’s success than what their customers have to say about their shopping experience. Below are just a few testimonials from our satisfied clients: 

“The weed is always great, and the customer service is outstanding. The people who deliver the weed are always so personable and arrive super fast. I used to go to different clubs until I ordered from Weedhub, which changed my weed life.”
– Burt, WeedHub Customer

product selection and quick delivery. Love that you can track the driver and everything is done by text.”
 – Sandra, WeedHub Customer

“I love the large menu and how new items are always added. Simple ordering process, fast delivery and friendly drivers. Can’t get any better than that! Keep it up guys!” – Berry, WeedHub Customer

Check out what our customers have to say about us here.
Are you ready to order your cannabis products from a convenient, timely, and professional SF dispensary? Contact us today!

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