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Cannabis Delivery in San Francisco

Aside from LA, when someone thinks of California, San Francisco typically comes to mind.

From the frenzied Gold Rush during the mid to late 1800s, the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860s, and the construction of the San Francisco Bay Bridges and the iconic Golden Gate in the 1930s to being a hotbed for environmental, women’s, and gay rights activism and taking the crown for being America’s tech hub, San Francisco has and remains a front runner in many aspects of society.

San Francisco is a city that bobs and weaves to its own tune, that’s why it’s not surprising that San Franciscans embraced the legalized weed revolution, in all its aspects. Just think, the first public cannabis dispensary in the country was located in the San Francisco bay area – the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club – established in the early nineties. While there was no marijuana delivery in San Francisco during that time, San Franciscans still enjoyed having a physical location to visit in order to get their cannabis needs met.

Following the Cannabis Club, California became the first state to allow for the medical use of marijuana, as voters passed Proposition 215 in the mid 90s. Regarding “pot shops”, they did not become legal until 2003 with the passing of the Senate Bill 420; San Francisco passed its own zoning ordinance in 2004, allowing dispensaries.

While laws, rules, and regulations continue to change the cannabis use and retail landscape in San Francisco (and the entire state), San Franciscans’ love affair with marijuana is going nowhere. Whether for recreational or medical usage, many San Franciscans take advantage of the many dispensaries and cannabis delivery services in the area.

Although the best 420 delivery in SF is subjective, having the mere option for marijuana delivery in SF is a pleasure.


Benefits of Weed Delivery

Cannabis delivery in SF is continuously growing in popularity, even though the number of dispensaries outweigh the number of at-your-door services. That said, we live in an “Amazon society” – we want things delivered with a click of a button. We want the luxury of visiting a website, purchasing what we want, and having it delivered the same day. If not same day, we want it in at least two days. The same goes for marijuana. The more people take part in recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, the more e-commerce stores will be created to meet the demands of both product and delivery.

Aside from eliminating the need for a dispensary trip, there are several benefits of weed delivery for those using cannabis in San Francisco. Check them out below:

● Purchasing marijuana from a dispensary may tempt you to light up during your travels back to your destination.

● California law prohibits smoking weed in public areas. To avoid the temptation, get your weed delivered.

● Weed delivery in SF or any other allowing jurisdiction is great for people who are immobile. Additionally, for those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes and are homebound, delivery options could very well be a lifeline.

● Privacy is a big issue. Perhaps you don’t want to be known as “a regular” or you don’t want to deal with the lack of discretion that comes along with physically visiting a cannabis dispensary. If that’s the case, cannabis delivery is for you.

● Weed delivery in San Francisco is also great for those cannabis business owners who want to avoid the financial burden, community push back, and ever-changing regulations that come along with a brick and mortar.

● Safety is another major benefit. Delivery lessen the number of “stoned” people on the roads. Moreover, in California, it is illegal to use or possess an open package or container of marijuana or marijuana products while operating, driving, or riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle.


Why Choose WeedHub



Pot delivery in SF may come a “dime a dozen”, but here at Weedhub, our goal is to stand out from the pack. Serving recreational and medicinal cannabis users in the Bay Area, we are a premium licensed cannabis delivery service. To meet the needs of our customers, we have a revolving menu of pre-rolls and cans to an array of delectable edibles to a variety of vape kits and resins. Because we appreciate every single WeedHub customer, and encourage others to join the family, a few customer incentives:

● Special next pre-order discounts that add up to 50% savings. If you have time to spare and don’t need your delivery right away, choose one of our three predetermined delivery windows and get up to 50% off your total. Click here to save on next day orders!

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● We pride ourselves on great customer service and responsiveness, and quality products. Let us do what we do best – take care of your every cannabis need. 

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