losing weight with marijuana scale

Marijuana Weight Loss Diet Guide

Can Marijuana Help Weight Loss? Known colloquially as “the munchies”, marijuana use has been known to increase one’s appetites, causing one to grab the nearest bag of chips or candy bar to satisfy their craving. Because of this, it’s only natural to assume you’ll gain weight if you smoke marijuana. But, it’s not always safe…
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eating edibles

Eating Edibles: Your How-To Guide

From cannabis-infused beverages and baked goods to candy and other delectables, eating edibles is just as, if not more popular, than smoking or “vaping”. Just as smoking or “vaping”, you’ll get the desired effects of cannabis, but it may be slightly different than expected – especially if you’re eating edibles for the first time. How…
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how to use a vape pen

How to Use a Vape Pen

How Vape Pens Work Popular amongst those who use cannabis, vaping is the “in” thing, whether for recreational or medicinal use. Used to vaporize oil – concentrated cannabis oil; dry herbs; or wax, how do vape pens work is a common question. While they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, along with an array…
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